About The Author

J Z York

Raised in rural midwestern towns, the world was pretty small. My mother was exotic against such a plain backdrop. Born in post WWII Europe, she was familiar with hunger and doing without. My handsome father, swept her off her feet and away from everything and everyone she knew.

My mother never once let us go to bed hungry; never allowed us to feel “less”. My father made life an adventure.

At 6, I found the school library and rarely left it. We moved frequently. Classrooms and grades changed, libraries became larger, but my home world revolved around our living room rocking chair and a stack of books. Every hour I wasn’t in school or shooed outside, I was reading.

Family car trips, camping, fishing, country window-down drives eating ice cream cones; everything illuminated or led me back to reading.

Life changes but books are the constant. I’ve traveled widely, participated in fascinating occupations, and met people from every background. But the ability to disappear into the printed page has kept me company.