Grace Woods

Cryptographer assigned to an underground black site: the Bunker.
From the beginning, Grace Woods was different. Even in family looks. Her twin Ellie was the image of their dead mother; fine-boned, honey-blonde hair, fair skin, five perfect freckles dusting her nose, a sweet smile.

Grace, was what Grandmother Lilli called “a throw back”, from unknown, recessive genes. The sisters shared one feature. Their eyes. Blue, flecked with amber, ringed in black.

Grace was a bit taller, stronger, softer, rounder. Her dark brown hair may have come from her mysteriously absent grandfather. Her curl’s coppery glints and the fleeting beautiful smile were hers alone. Her expressive face and ivory complexion betrayed every emotion, every blush. She could hide the emotion, but not the blush. She wasn’t beautiful, but something made people look twice.

Grace’s colleagues admired her calmness under pressure, her meticulous detail—even the brass respected her input. She was friendly and kind, but no one really knew her. Grace’s focus was on inner competition to exceed her personal best. A private thing she could control. Her work was a break from the world of her past.

A past she never spoke of. She was vigilant in keeping it that way.

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