Prefect Gunnar

Prefect Gunnar (PREE-fect GUN-ar), Second-in-Command to the Northeastern Protectorate, Prefect of Intelligence and Spymaster.

Gunnar was the definition of excellence in execution of duty and fierce loyalty to his Commander. His reputation for sourcing intel in near impossible circumstance, and abilities in reading adversaries down to the smallest tell, made him much coveted by other Protectorates.

Tall, as all Fae are, his physique was leaner than most of his Guardians. Like a Big Cat to their Grizzly, his warriors never underestimated him. He could take out a Black Unit tessera, alone, on his worst day. Gray eyes, the color of an old knife blade, missed nothing. His close-cropped, brown hair, had several incongruous cowlicks, belying the stillness of his weathered face, and the set of his jaw.

Gunnar was raised by a cold, Centurion-rank mother. Following a brief affair with a Southern Allied Commander, she had been dismayed and angry to find herself pregnant. Forced to leave the war until her brief parental obligations were fulfilled, she impatiently did her duty, raising Gunnar, whose name meant warrior in her native tongue, until surrendering him to preliminary training schools. At 8 years of age, he was younger than most, and alone, a thing he would grow accustomed to.

Years later, a Juvenile Guardian in the seemingly unending civil war, Gunnar met and served alongside Arundel. Rising through the ranks together, their mutual commitment to the civilians they defended, and the fair governance they sought, forged them into brothers. A bond deeper than familial ties. Gunnar was set in his path to fight for those in the Protectorate, and Oberon’s future. His primary directive was to protect Arundel at all cost. The secret he carried would impact their world.

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